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Fuck all if no one reads this, I just need to get it out.
I may have jumped the gun a little when I said "issue". I meant to say "serious fucking problem". Because there really is a problem with the art portal. I'm sure others have noticed, but it's reached a point where I'm beginning to question the authority of some of the Newgrounds staff.

~Insubordination: it's the new black~

Now then. The art portal is a place for Newgrounds users to display their artwork to the community in order to receive either acclaim, feedback or...what have you. There are others, however, who seek to use it as a means of trolling our (the Newgrounds community) asses with intentionally shitty works and feed off the jeers and sarcasm of others. Personally...I find nothing wrong with that.

What I DO have a problem with is when the staff gives the OK to a work that they believe is "funny bad" and displays it for all. What breaks my heart is that the artist has really put there all into it and may not have the technical know-how or a great modicum of talent to pull off the masterpiece they wanted to. And are then ridiculed for it. I'm not trying to sound like a nag or a softy, but as someone who still has quite a bit to learn in the field of fine arts, it's a real blow to your self-confidence when you put your best foot forward only to be violently shoved back into obscurity. We're all here to learn from each other and to help each other out with constructive feedback and helpful tips. This isn't a grade school playground for fuck's sake where the kids are just mean for the sake of mean. The least some of the staff can do is lead by example and not encourage this trend. Amazing, thoroughly-planned and technically precise art? Fantastic! Tongue-in-cheek, shitty troll art? Hilarious. In-progress, still-got-a-long-way-to-go mediocre art? Well, you know how I feel.

And that's my piece.

I'm genuinely terrified...

2011-03-16 18:58:53 by JackieBlue

Trolls exist. On pretty much every social networking site, or any site that enables any form of commenting for that matter. Shit...hate-mongering is one thing. But some of the content in these blogs makes me fear for the youth on this site. Now I don't mind trolling, but it goes a lot farther than that in some of the blog entries I've stumbled upon in the past. Is it something that can be ignored? I used to think so.

But now...

I'm genuinely terrified...

Pew pew pew

2011-03-14 17:14:24 by JackieBlue

You're dead.


2011-03-14 01:02:38 by JackieBlue

I'm talkin' Slut with a capital "S". Don't agree? Here's a thing.


Have you ever known someone who looks like they're both 12 AND 40 simultaneously? Lemme tell ya...first day of my second semester, I walk into class, bright eyed and high spirited, ready to draw naked people for 4 hours (I'm in a general arts program). Mostly familiar faces...but then...I had to double take when I saw this fucking chud. He had this dead looking jewfro that looked a lot more like what I could only describe as brown steel-wool. He's a gangly little thing, all wiry and such. Never had I ever seen anyone walk so confidently in a blue plaid shirt AND a Corona-printed bandana. So, class starts...and the little fucker starts kissin ass! I mean, calling the prof "boss", raising his hand at every question, GUFFAWING with such gusto at every one of the teacher's humorous remarks. I was desperately hoping for a manatee of a nude model so that he could stare this ass-hat down provocatively for the next four hours. For one reason or another, I began to imagine him in an old renaissance jester outfit, bells and pointed shoes galore, in a keebler-elf-type voice, the whole shebang, dancing around like a foolish fool. I desperately wanted to load a shotgun with rabid hamsters and shoot his ass back to Munchkin Land. And if this sounds the least bit shallow, I'd like to disagree. Because he's got a horrid personality to boot. The man child is simply contemptible.


...Anyway, here's a photo I recently unearthed. I honestly don't know who it is, why it exists, or why I even have it to begin with. But I imagine it saying something like...I dunno...


"One does not simply WALK INTO Mordor"

Man oh man, do I looooove me some Deadpool. Seriously, since I became more DC-inclined, he's been the only redeeming quality of Marvel. In my opinion anyway. Thoughts on the Regeneratin' Degenerate? Good OR bad? How did you get turned onto the Crimson Comedian?

You can't spell assassin without "sin". And TWICE the "ass"!

So, I've had this account for almost two months now and just recently decided to upload some art. Nothing too amazing, just some messing around on Photoshop and Paint. What I wondering was, how long does it take on average to get scouted? Also, I'm loving this whole blog area. Top notch starting point for us "n00bz".